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19th Nov 2020

Dear Church Family Members and Parish Friends, 

I hope you are all well. 

 A Question from Tricia and Deirdre about the shoe boxes

Following the wonderful 49 shoe boxes being sent off from the parish for Operation Christmas Child, Tricia, Deirdre and I have had several messages from people who also sent shoe boxes online. 

We would love to know if you did this, so we know the total figure from the parish - of both actual and virtual boxes packed. 

Please do let us know if you packed a shoe box online!

 Refurbishment of the St. Mary's Vestry

A long while ago, back in March - a couple of weeks before lockdown - we had a St. Mary's envisioning evening when those who wanted to from the church family got together to think & pray about turning St. Mary's into more of a community hub. (We will also be doing this for St. Paul's - but it has got set back currently due to the COVID-19 crisis). 

There were many ideas discussed that evening, most of which still need following up in different ways, but one item everyone was in unanimous agreement about was that it would be good to refurbish the St. Mary's vestry space and make it a better meeting place for children on Sundays and groups during the week when we are allowed to meet again. 

The PCC and standing committee have worked on plans for this and I am delighted to let you know that - after checking all the regulations for what can and can't happen in lockdown 2 - we have been able to progress and get this work underway. 

St. Mary's members: when you return to church you will find a new vestry to celebrate - opened up into one room, with new cupboards (more suited to all our purposes), new carpet, new paintwork and new heaters to make it a warmer room to meet in!

For anyone who had items stored in this space, it has currently been emptied (with all the items safely in the church for now). The cupboards will have spaces for Mosaic, Messy Church, Toddlers, Refresh@10 and anyone else who already had things in there which I don't know about! (More space than we had before) I will be in touch with the different ministry leaders soon to talk about the next steps from here. 

In different circumstances, I had hoped to chat to everyone after a service and plan this rather more together - then lockdown 2 was announced and this wasn't possible. 

Please do pray for the works, that everything can happen smoothly, and that this room can be a wonderful new ministry space for us all before too long. 

 An opportunity to help out with providing Christmas dinners to those who will be alone this year

This year the Banstead Five churches - of which we are currently two of the 6! (a bit confusing...) - are hoping to be able to provide Christmas meals for those in the local community who are going to be alone this Christmas. 

We met as an exec and are hoping to find volunteers who are able to do some of the following jobs (socially distanced and safely) either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day:  

  • Cooking a turkey – Christmas Eve
  • Preparing and cooking of veg – Christmas Day
  • Making up the meals and placing in the delivery containers – Christmas Day
  • Delivering the meals to the doorsteps of those in need – Christmas Day
  • Washing up – Christmas Day


All jobs would be completed at a venue nearby still TBC apart from cooking the turkeys which will happen at people's homes, following special hygiene guidance. 

Please do let me know if you'd like to volunteer to help with this and I will put your name forward to the organisers. 

If you'd like to know more, please do chat to me - or to Tom Ellinor (St. Paul's) or Marian Bateman (St. Mary's) who are our Banstead Five representatives from the churches. 

Thank you

Love and prayers, 

Rev Alex Stevens
Parish of Nork with Burgh Heath

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