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Vicar Updates and Parish News

28th May 2020

Dear Church Family members and parish friends, 

I hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well. 

This week's parish news contains information on the following: 

  1. How you can support our local foodbank (Epsom & Ewell) this month
  2. Zoom events in the parish for the month of June
  3. The Alpha Film Series which we will be showing on Zoom in June and July
  4. A Parish Quiz night later in June
  5. A bible study on Pentecost, written by our very own Sarah Bottom
  6. A Diocesan Pentecost event on Sunday evening this week
As always, do be in touch if you have any questions or would like to chat!

Love and prayers, 


1) Supporting our Local Food bank

The Epsom and Ewell foodbank continue to do marvellous work, ensuring that those most in need are able to eat and have necessary toiletries at the current time and it would be wonderful to be able to support them. 

On Thursday 4th June there will be a table outside St. Paul's (on Warren Road) between 1 and 3pm, ready to collect any goods which you may like to drop off (socially distanced - at least 2 metres apart - if more than one come at a time please) outside the church on your afternoon walk. I have an arrangement to drop the items straight off that afternoon so they will be put into use immediately after this. 

It would be wonderful if we could make a sizeable collection for the foodbank during this time. 

The items they currently need most are as follows: 
Male deodorant, washing powder/ tabs or caps, shaving gel, adult toothbrushes (in single packs please), washing up liquid, bars of soap, Spaghetti or beans with meat, tinned potatoes, custard, hot chocolate, cat food, packet soup, powdered milk, dried pasta & sauce, squash, sugar, chocolate and sweet treats. 

Hopefully this may give enough time for those of us ordering food to include a couple of extra items in our deliveries/ those shopping to add a couple to our shopping baskets before then!

2) Zoom events in the parish during the month of June

Click Here for a table of zoom events for the parish in the month of June, which will hopefully give the opportunity to put these in your diaries and plan which you would like to attend. 

Please let me know - by responding to this email which you would like to join in with (as there are often materials which need to be sent to you prior to the different events). 

If you have already been taking part in e.g. the St. Paul's or St. Mary's prayers, or the 9 am Said Service - you will automatically receive the link and information and so do not need to contact me. If you'd prefer to have a rest from these then simply let me know!

Obviously the Sunday morning items may need to be adapted should we hear that we are able to return to the churches in some form, in which case I will let you know. 

3) Alpha Film Series on Zoom, Tuesday evenings at 8pm, commencing on the 9th June

For 8 Tuesday evenings, from the 9th June, we will be having 'Zoom Alpha' in the parish, where we will be viewing the different film series films (each between 20 and 30 minutes long) and discussing their content. This is a great way to explore the Christian faith, whether we are simply enquiring, are new Christians, or have been Christians for a long time and would like to refresh our thoughts... 

You can sign up to do the whole course, or to tap into one-off evenings if there are topics of particular interest (just let me know). 

The dates and themes are as follows: 

Tuesday 9th June: Introduction

Tuesday 16th June: Who is Jesus? & Why did Jesus die? 

Tuesday 23rd June: How can I have faith? 

Tuesday 30th June: Why and how do I pray? & Why and how do I read the Bible? 

Tuesday 7th July: How does God guide us? 

Tuesday 14th July: Who is the Holy Spirit & What does the Holy Spirit do? 

Tuesday 21st July: How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? 

Tuesday 28th July: What about the Church? 

Please do email or ring if you would like further information. 

4) Parish Quiz Night! 

Chris Moore (one of our wonderful church wardens) has kindly said he is happy to put together a Quiz Night for us all via Zoom. 

This will be on Saturday 20th June at 6.30 pm and children will be welcome. 

Please contact Chris for more information: 

Thank you to Chris for taking this on! 

5) A bible study on Pentecost

Click Here for a bible study on Pentecost which has been written by Sarah Bottom for her life group. I asked if it could be shared more widely, in case others would also enjoy following it. Please do take a look - and thank you Sarah!

6) Diocesan Pentecost event - Sunday evening at 6pm 

There will be a Diocesan Pentecost celebration at 6pm on Sunday evening this week (31st May), which we can access through their youtube site if we wish to take part, the link is here:

Thank you all so much!
Love and prayers, 

Rev Alex Williams


Parish of Nork with Burgh Heath