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6th August 2020

Dear Church Family Members and Parish Friends, 

Hoping you're all well and have been able to enjoy some of the sunshine this week. It was lovely to see quite a few of you, from both churches, at the food bank collection outside St. Mary's this morning. Thank you so much for the very generous contributions (see photo attached) which have been delivered to the Epsom and Ewell food bank today and are already being distributed to those in need. 

Our next food bank collection will be outside St. Paul's between 2 and 4 pm on Tuesday 25th August. Please do contribute if you can - and to those of you who have been in touch to say you couldn't bring items today but have them at home, please bring them then if you can. 

Other news items this week are include information on the following: 

1) Our churches re-opening for services from Sunday 16th August
2) The Nork with Burgh Heath Zoom Book Club, which is starting up in the parish
3) The Nork with Burgh Heath Talent Show, which will be on the 22nd August - including how to join in to watch and/or enter your talents
4) Knitting and creating gifts for Operation Christmas Child
5) Activities for the parish for the coming week

As always please do stay in touch - with queries or news. 

Love & prayers, 
07312 113019

1) Our churches re-opening for services from Sunday 16th August: 

Several weeks ago, I published a timetable for beginning of the gradual re-opening of our churches for services, following them opening for private prayer since part way through July. 

More information will follow about this next week, as detailed plans are still being put together, but, providing we don't have alternative instructions from the Government or Diocese, there is no local lockdown and no further crisis emerges, we are planning to begin limited services in the church buildings again on Sunday 16th August. 

Pre-booking for these services will be essential and information on how to do this will be sent out at the beginning of next week, along with the details of what the services will be like (though it will be truly wonderful to meet again, there are quite a few restrictions on what is and isn't possible at this time!)

Due to all the cleaning regulations and many risk limitation instructions which need to be followed to enable us to be together at all, there will be one service only at each church each week initially, which will be at 9 am at St. Paul's and at 11 am at St. Mary's. This gives space between the services which is needed in these current, more complex times. 

Services will be socially distanced and, because of this, limited to 40 people at a time. Therefore if you attend St. Mary's, which has the bigger congregation currently, you will be invited to sign up on a two weekly cycle ie. either for the 16th August or the 23rd, then either for the 30th August or the 6th September to allow for all people who may wish to attend to do so over the two weeks. For St. Paul's it should be possible to sign up each week, but we will check how the numbers go in the first week. 

Bookings will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. They will be carried out electronically for those who are able and by phone for those who are not on email or the internet. 

We will start with trialing the new arrangements for 4 weeks and will then modify the system according to how things go for us all - and I will keep communicating with you throughout on any changes & developments. 

2) Nork with Burgh Heath Zoom Book Club: 

We are starting a Zoom book club in the parish, for anyone who loves reading and also socialising to join together in this fun group to discuss literature and build community. 

Sue Wharton will be leading this, please contact her for further information, including dates & times of meetings:

3) Nork with Burgh Heath Talent Show: 

Click Here to see the 'Nork with Burgh Heath does Talent' which is a social event being put together by Fiona and Robin Ellingham and hosted by Tim Vine. We have had a number of contributions but it is not too late to join in. 

Please read the flyer for more details and follow the link on the flyer to register for this fun & exciting event. 

If you have any questions, please do contact Fiona Ellingham: 

4) Knitting and Creating Gifts for Operation Christmas Child:

Each year Deirdre Jackson, from St. Paul's, and Tricia Peacock, from St. Mary's, lead us as a parish in collecting shoe boxes of Christmas gifts to send to children in need across the world with Samaritans Purse/ Operation Christmas Child. 

Many of you enjoy knitting and other similar creativity and here is a link to things that the charity are asking we make this year to make these boxes extra special (we are planning to send them again this year):

Please do start making your items and further information will follow about where to bring them in September. 

5) Activities for the Coming Week: 

Sunday 9th August: 9 am Zoom Said Service
Sunday 9th August: 1-3 pm St. Mary's open for private prayer
Sunday 9th August: 4-6 pm St. Paul's open for private prayer
Tuesday 11th August: 10 am - 12 pm St. Paul's open for private prayer
Tuesday 11th August: 2-4 pm St. Mary's open for private prayer
Wednesday 12th August: 3.30 pm Zoom parish prayers
Sunday 16th August: 9 am Service at St. Paul's (for which pre-booking will be required - see information above)
Sunday 16th August: 11 am Service at St. Mary's (for which pre-booking will be required - see information above)

Rev Alex Stevens


Parish of Nork with Burgh Heath