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 Funeral Planning



Funerals at St Paul's Church, Nork 
The passing of a loved one is never an easy time. At St Paul's Church we will do all we can to support you through this difficult time. If you live within the Parish or have a connection to our church you may like to hold the funeral service at St Paul's. The ministry team are very happy to talk with you about the possibilities. The service can include a Eulogy or talk about the person's life, time for reflection, music on CD & ipod via the church sound system or played live on our pipe organ, readings (of which one would be from Holy Scripture), poems and the things that mean something to you and those gathered. The funeral may also take place within the context of the Eucharist / Holy Communion. The service in church may then be followed by a committal leading to cremation at a local crematorium or burial in a local cemetery of your choice.

 Your first step is to appoint a funeral director and then contact the parish office at the church. 

 Burial of Ashes & Book of Remembrance
 Finding a place in which to remember those we love is very important. At St Paul's our garden of remembrance is a prayerful space of beauty and contemplation where the ashes of loved ones can be buried. The garden is located at the east end of the church building, by our Lady Chapel, to the side of the Vicarage driveway. Prior to the burial of ashes a brief service is held in the church, before moving to the garden for internment.

 Although we are unable to mark individual burial plots in the garden, we do keep a Book of Remembrance in church which is inscribed quarterly and your loved ones entry can be included, with a picture of your choice, upon request. Once again contact the Ministry Team at Nork Vicarage for more information or to request a burial of ashes in our Garden of Remembrance.

 Pastoral Care and Support
Whatever life throws at us it is important to know that somebody is there. The Clergy or a member of the wider ministry team are very happy to meet with you and listen. Our church is a family and I commend the people of St Paul's Nork to you. Many have found great comfort and support at times of bereavement or personal loss in the church family and the knowledge that others are remembering them in their prayers. Don't be afraid to ask for a minister to visit you or just come along to church and see for yourself.

 Being Prepared! Planning for the future. Helping loved ones in their time of grief.
I know we don’t like to talk about dying, but it will come to us all and being prepared is really important. Often when I meet with families they say, ‘I don’t really know what… would have liked.’ Well, we can help our relatives by thinking about the things that are important to us and writing them down so they have something to help them when planning our funeral service.  

This may seem strange, but it does really help those whom we love when we are no longer around to do so. To help, you will find a form for you to use as a guide - see the link below. You may like to complete the form, print it off and attach a copy to your last will and testament. 

 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the ministry team at St Paul’s Church, Nork. 

 Planning your Funeral Form