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Electoral Roll,Time &Talents

As Christians, we want to commit our entire lives to God, recognising that all our resources of time, health, money, skills and talents, possessions, family and friends are gifts to us.

How then do we say thank you to God for all these and many other blessings? we hope this guide to matters practical and financial will help you to make your contribution to the life of St Paul’s Church, and help us to manage our buildings and mission among the Nork community, that God’s kingdom of love and friendship and peace may be known in this place for many generations to come.

  Are you new to St Paul’s Church?

 Firstly, if you are new to St Paul’s Church, Welcome! This is a guide to help you plan your giving of time, and talents. Here you will find helpful information that guides you through the various aspects of our life together as Christians.

 I have been coming to St Paul’s Church for some time and wish to review my giving…

 Great! Read on, as we reflect together on our continuing need to give back to God, with joy, in thanks for all that He has given to us.

 Time for God’s work in Nork, West Banstead and Epsom Downs

 How much time do you spend doing God’s work? Just stop and have a think… Include time spent on personal devotions, church activities, and the work you undertake for community groups and charities. Remember to include those once a year activities.

 You know, being a Christian is actually a 24 hour occupation! We are Christians not just when we are at Church, or seen to be doing ‘God’s work’ but in all aspects of our daily lives. So we need to start by thinking about making more time for God daily. We may start by asking ourselves… Can I give more time to Christian work and if so, what may God be calling me to do?

 Our church and wider community life in Nork involves people of all ages, who contribute their time in many aspects of church life including: the preparation and leading of worship, pastoral work, visiting, the provision of leisure and community activities, and day to day matters including clerical work and the maintenance of our buildings, including cleaning tasks.  All of these and many more absorb the time and talents of us in the service of Christ, in this place.

 Do you have time that you may be able to devote to the life of your Church? Do you have a set of skills derived from your trade or profession which may be of use in the life, work, maintenance and mission of this, your church?

 Time for God’s Work. Click on this link, complete and return the form to us at St Paul’s Church, Nork Vicarage or send it via email to  

 Church Electoral Roll    What is it and how do I join it?

 The Church Electoral roll is a list of those entitled to vote in the election of members to St Paul’s Nork Parochial Church council (PCC) and Officers (Churchwardens and office holders).   If you regularly attend the services at this Church, are baptised and over 16 years old, or if you live within the Parish of Nork (including West Banstead and Epsom Downs) you may apply to be added to the ‘Electoral Roll.’ Once a member of the Electoral Roll you are also entitled to stand in elections. The PCC is your voice in our Church, and is responsible for the ongoing work of Christ’s Church in Nork. Have your say in your church today!

 If you would like to become a member of our Church Electoral Roll  

Church Electoral Roll    Click on the this link and then complete the form and return it to Mrs Jan Riches, via the Parish Office at Nork Vicarage or send it by email to:  
Note:- All parish electoral rolls have to be renewed every 6 years and during Feb and March 2019 all those on the current Electoral Roll will be invited to renew their membership.
 Our Financial Giving

The weekly cost of running the Parish of Paul’s Nork is over £950 a week.

 Each individual parish within the Church of England is self financing. Therefore, this money needs to be found by us here in this place. The financial cost of maintaining a beautiful building like St Paul’s is no small burden, but it is one that we each have a responsibility for, as our buildings are our gift to future generations. Likewise, the ministry of the Clergy and many lay people requires financial support. Therefore, we are each asked to give financially within our means, to ensure that our parish is properly funded. Many people already give generously, and all support of any kind is received with thanks and prayers. 

 How do I go about giving financially?

 The first step is to be realistic. Ask yourself what can I afford? Having decided, consider which pattern of giving best suits you:

 Monthly Standing Order   (Click on this link) Complete the form give it to your bank)  

 Weekly Gift using Gift Aid Envelopes   (by cash or by cheque) these are available in church

 One off Gift – (Gift Aided)  Click on this link.Complete online form and return it to Nork Vicarage

 If you are a UK tax payer then the Church can claim back tax on the amount that you will have paid on the amount that you give! This is called Gift Aid, an important source of income for our church.

 The address for returning forms is:   Parish Office, Warren Road, Banstead, Surrey, SM7 1LG.

Cheques should be made payable to St Paul’s Church, Nork.

 You may be interested to know that…
 These days, the Church of England encourages every church member to give around

 5% of their income to their local church

as well as supporting other missionary charities

This enables the Church to maintain and develop an effective ministry

locally and nationally as part of our Life Together.

Plans & Priorities

 At the moment, your existing time and financial commitments may mean that you are unable to give what you feel is really due to God. That’s ok, because the way forward is to plan for the future. It may be that when you review your situation in a few months time that something has changed, and then you may be able to offer more.

 What is the next step…

 Use this checklist to make sure you have considered all the possibilities for giving…

  I have returned a Time form to the Parish Office at St Paul's

  I am already a member / have applied for membership of the Electoral Roll

  I have accepted my share of the financial responsibility

   Thank you for your support of God’s mission in Nork