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Revd Jane Cresswell 

Warren Road 

Nork, Banstead 


SM7 1LG 

Tel: 01737 353849
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              St Paul's is a wonderful Anglican Church, light, modern with a diverse congregation.
                 Visitors of all ages will find a warm and friendly welcome,
                 Our Church has a modern prayerful feel, with the appearance of the inside
                 of the hull of an ark.Our aim is to impart the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all, growing our
                 Christian Community in Nork and Epsom Downs.

 Please note that with effect from 4th Oct 2015 the Sunday Parish Eucharist
 will start 15 minutes later at 10.15am      
                Winchester Christmas Market Trip 5th December 2015. Click Here for full details                            

Rev Jane       

                                       Click Here for details of our new exciting

                                      "Kids Alive" Sunday Service starting 11th Oct at 9.00am

                                                              Autumn Prayer

                                                                     God of all creation,

                                                                     you give us the gift of seasons 

                                                                     to mark our journey through time.

                                                                     The season of autumn, 

                                                                      with its change of colours 

                                                                      and falling leaves, 

                                                                      reminds us that sometimes things

                                                                      must die and fall away 

                                                                      for new life to arise. 

                                                                      Such is the message of the cross —
                                                                      that through death to self 

                                                                      we find life in all its richness.

                                                                      In those moments when we 

                                                                      experience setbacks for failures, 
                                                                      help us to remember that you are 

                                                                      with us always, and that there is no 

                                                                      failure or sin your love cannot heal.
                                                                      Help us to trust in you and in

                                                                      your promise of new life.








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